Robert Campbell

Profile Updated: October 19, 2015
Residing In: Chico, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Toni Campbell
Occupation: Gardener, contractor and market analyst.
Children and Grandchildren: No biological offspring. I recognized that the earth would become over populated. Even when I was More…a child I was concerned about over population.
School Story:

I transferred from Catalina for my senior year, and only needed to complete a couple hours of class to graduate so it was kinda fun.

I was a spoiled kid with a fast car, too much money, and usually high on something, but I liked Sahuaro because it was a very cool school. I was friends with Sheep and Buck, and count myself lucky I did not die too.

If you are no longer in Tucson, how often do you get back here?

After high school I attended Pima college, but dropped out.

I married a cute young girl named Jude, and worked in Michigan for a few months, and hated Michigan.

I moved back to AZ - Phoenix and attended DeVry Inst. and later started a recording studio and a circuit board mfg company.

I divorced Jude after 7 years, and moved to the desert where I lived without water or electricity in a travel trailer. I loved it! I was all into the natural man, and spent my days getting high, and jogging through the desert bare foot. Then I met "John the Dancer", I became a barfly, and a really great dancer.

That's how I met and married Mya. She showed me Chico Ca where she had gone to college. We moved here, and I built a house. It was my first, but I felt like I knew what I was doing.

She was a nurse and I became a prominent leader in our community. The California Dept of Forestry approached me, and asked for my help to start a rural fire department. After recruiting so many others I felt an obligation to join the fire company too. I became an EMT and spent 7 years in the fire company #26. I spent two years as a captain and 2 years as assistant chief. I also became a medical training officer for CDF

After 18 years together, I divorced Mya when I hit male menopause. I hear she's happy and traveling the world.

I'm now a semi retired general contractor, with arthritis, but I recently lost 38 pounds over a five month period! I went from 205 to 167 without exercise or hunger. I've lowered my blood pressure, and feel 10 to 15 years younger. All I did was replace the booze and carbohydrates with low glycemic index organic foods . I want to tell everyone how to be healthy. I'm married for the third time to a beautiful lady named Toni.

I've became a self taught expert market analyst, and wrote analytic program code for other traders around the world, but now I spend my days gardening and advocating politically correct movements such as the Coffee Party. women's rights, and labeling of GMO food.
I still Blog and Twitter my market forecasts occasionally, but I quit writing code and enjoy playing in my garden.

If you are interested here is my garden blog

It's been a great adventure. I still feel like there is more to do, but if I died tomorrow I'd have to say I loved it!

Anything else you want to tell us or maybe what would we be surprised to know about you?

I needed only two classes to graduate in my senior year. So when I transferred to
Sahuaro High School from Catalina High in my senior year I did not make many new friends. Technically I graduated from Sahuaro High School, but my high school friends were at Catalina. I've always been an odd ball.

Biggest thing you would do differently if you went back to your time at SHS?

I wish I had been more mature. I enjoyed college but High School was boring and I was high all the time. I should have asked a counselor for help finding more interesting subjects, but I didn't know what I was interested in back then.

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Thanks for sharing those interesting stories. You could be a writer too. I sure do remember the fear of being drafted. I was number 86, but they did not want me because I have asthma, but I've known so many others who had to go to war and will never be the same.
You certainly have a passion for history and 3D. I hope those students who are interested will be able to access the real sterioview images. Those red and green glasses don't do justice to the work you have put in.

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