In Memory

Mychael Tansey

Deceased Classmate: Mychael Tansey
Date Of Birth: 1952
Age at Death: 35
Cause of Death: Serositis of the Liver
Classmate City: Tucson
Classmate State: AZ
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: Unknown information.

I heard of his death from classmate, Jeff Adams, class of 1970. Mike was about 35? No other details are known to me except apparently, Mike was involved in self-destructive alcohol use, that overtook him suddenly.
- Paul Fife

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07/22/10 12:54 PM #1    

Steve Casey

Mike you son of a gun. We had some good times partying. You will be missed my friend. We go back alongtime ago. RIP.

Steve Casey 

07/29/10 05:11 PM #2    

David Henry

Mike lived about 2 blocks from me in Rolling Hills and we spent a lot of time hanging out, doing nothing in particular, listening to the latest music (at his house since contemporary music and my parents didn't necessarily get along).  I always considered Mike a good friend and a guy who would stand up for what he felt was right.  Mike could also grow a beard in about 19 minutes.  It took my beard until I was 24 to get to where his was at the age of 14. We laughed a hell of a lot together.


Dave Henry

09/06/10 11:20 PM #3    

Carl E. Lopez

I saw Mike for the last time in 1976 around New Years at the Buena Vista theatre.  We spoke briefly and he asked what I was doing.  I told him I was in my third year in medical school at UCLA and he asked what field I was going to go into.  I responded with a 'I don't know'  and he said 'you should become a gynecologist'.  I told him I was doing that rotation now and I hated it.  He responded that that would be his choice.

10/08/10 10:01 PM #4    

Sandi Mckee (Brestel)

I knew Mike in the late 70's into the 80's , Jeff Adams, Mike and I would hang out from time to time . Mike liked to party, he worked for a liquor company and yes he had a self destuctive behavior . He was a great guy with an amazing sense of humor, and the  most awesome album collection you could imagine. Mike died in Mexico ( his choice) and left behind a wife and step son.

11/26/10 04:18 PM #5    

Sam Young

What Dave Henry said is true. A bunch of us would sometimes go to Mike's house to listen to the newest music. I remember us listening to Flowers (1967) by the Stones when it first came out, over and over on the stereo. I can honestly say that was the only Stone's album I ever liked. He lived in a cavernous home. And his parents were funny.

A bunch of us in Rolling Hills were also in a bike gang (bicycles - haha) but that may have been earlier on. As the leader of another gang (? - I don't recall the details) he gave us all nicknames. I don't remember his name for Bob Gonzalez. But he called me "Saint". Funny that one because I spent much of my life seeking after spiritual truth. He called himself "Goebbles". It's odd now thinking about it because Mike was our sr. year student body president. He was a natural leader. He was gifted that way. Maybe he also had that ability to look into a person and sense the outlines of their character. A very intelligent human being. In light of the sad way the real Goebbles (Joseph) died (1945), it's a little unsettling to hear about Mike and his sudden death. I was saddened to hear his life had ended so soon.

MikeT... RIP, brother.

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