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DOB:  July 6, 1952
Date of Deceased:  December 27, 2010 
Age at Death:  58 
Cause of Death:  Heart Failure
Classmate City:  Tucson, AZ 
Survived by:  Brother,  Bill Casey 
Classmates should look at Steve's Profile page and pictures to get the "whole picture" of Steve Casey, but he wrote an addition to his profile after the reunion October-----I think this pretty much sums it up:


I'm hoping this will get to all of our classmates. Let me say that this Friday and Saturday at the reunion (40th yr) was alot of fun.... Best time I have had in many years. Putting this together and seeing everyone, makes me wish I would have gotten more involved in school. I had a blast! and I hope to see you all again soon.

Thanks and Best Wishes to all;

Steve Casey


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12/28/10 02:27 PM #1    

Martin P. Torres

well what can be said  a true friend has passed iwill always have fond memories of the crazy things we did and of the reunion i know in my heart that he is in a better place

he will not be missed but remembered in our hearts always


12/28/10 09:50 PM #2    

Neil E. Katz

We lost a friend this week and as Martin Torres said, he will not be forgotten. It was truly a highlight of the 40 year reunion to get to know Steve and become friends. I know his life was extended a few months because of the reunion and that should make all of us on the committee happy to be a part of his last few months. God bless.


                                   Neil Katz




12/29/10 11:42 AM #3    

Steve Baggin

 Like Martin and Neil said we have lost a friend.  Steve will always be in our memories forever. 

Sure he is organizing a base ball team upstairs. Next time you hear some thunder and see some lightning it's "The Case" hitting another home run.

Rest in peace Steve. 

You will be missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/30/10 05:52 PM #4    

Ned Mcgrath /Pacheco


All the times we've shared, I was glad to spend that morning with you before you left us, I hope Bill made it in time to resolve life's differences, for Bill's peace of mind.

I will always remember the great times we had, you will be recalled for your determination, athletical abilities, standing up for what you believed in. You were a tough son of a bitch.

We will  meet on the other side, as things on earth are rapidly changing, it will be sooner than we all think. You were a good man Steve, and loved by many.




12/31/10 11:25 AM #5    

Dan Ferguson

Steve was a friend. I remember in 5th or 6th grade we rode our bicycles out to Sahuaro National Monument.  If I remember correctly we didn't have gears on our bikes either .  Definitely the pre X-box era.  I didn't want to ride the loop but he did, and of course we did.  Anyway, when we got back to civilization we chugged a quart of pepsi at a circle k. 

After I entered my profile on 11/26, Steve called me on 11/27.  We talked for probably 45 minutes.  He wanted to know everything about my life from Sahuaro days as I did about his.  When Carol sent out the e-mail to bombard Steve with e-mails while he was in the hospital, I did.  I hope messages he may have received helped him step into the other side.

Man. the son of a bitch could hit on the fooball field and could he hit a baseball.  He's the only guy I remember turning on Andy Hassler.

Thank you Carol and all parties responsible for keeping this web site alive.  It seems to have a life of its own.


01/03/11 08:56 AM #6    

Michael K. Rice


Steve and I go way back as friends. I had a great time the last few months catching up, and talking about the fun things we did as kids. Every time we got together for the reunion commitee meetings he would talk about spending the night after our skate country outings and eating my mom's pancakes. My mom's pancakes never impressed me but they impressed Steve. Lots of other memories were talked about that I had forgotten. Thank you Steve for reliving those memories with me. I will miss you, and think about you everytime I eat pancakes.  R.I.P. Buddy.


Mike Rice

10/10/11 08:24 PM #7    

Steve McCanse (

Steve was one of those larger than life characters to me.  I was a freshman when Sahuaro opened in '68.  I remember the fights Steve and Bill would have on campus, lol!

Moreover, I recall the excitement of being called up from the freshman baseball team to pitch against Douglas for the varsity team.  This only happened because Steve was scheduled to pitch but showed up late because he was off doing....whatever.... with Cheryl McClosky. 

Maybe a bible study or something.


As gruff and ornery as he was, Steve showed a playful mentoring side to me in Senior League baseball at Pantano Park that I'll never forget.

Steve, I lift my glass to you.

01/02/18 07:46 PM #8    

Jay Collier (Collier-Collier)

God bless you Steve.  You're a great human being and are sorely missed.  We'll see you soon, meet you at the pearly gates.

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