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Robin Batiste

Robin, was listed as deceased as of our 1993, 25-Year, Alumni Directory. If anyone can provide details, for her memorial to our class website, please update a new acknowledgement to replace this incomplete report.

-Paul Fife

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09/30/15 11:52 AM #1    

Cathy Geisert

I contacted Robin's mom after hearing that she had passed away. AT Sahuaro, Meta Morris and I referred to her as an Oreo, black on the outside and white on the inside. High school never questioned that for Robin and Marc but the grown up world was different and Robin suffered from depression. She had kept up to date about many of her Sahuaro friends but in the end the world was too much for her and she committed suicide. I only wish I had stayed closer to her. Cathy Geisert

09/30/15 12:57 PM #2    

Joseph (Skip) Morrow

Robin and Marc, twins, lived across the street from me and we were best of friends.  I have great memories of ordering Pizza and watching Dark Shadows 😆 In the afternoon.  Since all three of us were on the cheerleading squad we pretty much spent hours with each other daily.  Color blind was even more unusual then than it is now.  It was absolutely of no concern or even thought of by me or by anyone in their remarkable family.  Both her older sisters were airline stewardesses for TWA, which in 1968-70 was quite remarkable.  They were beautiful, seriously.  If you compare Robin's senior picture with her junior picture, you could hardly recognize her.  Her older sisters brought back all the style, "Supremes" inspired hair and beauty tips made her the stylish young lady we remember.  Marc as well, would always dress "preppy", shopping at the men's store near the U.  Their mother taught French at a high school in Tucson and their father in charge of athletics for Tucson Parks and Recreation.  They were a black middle class family in a 100% white neighborhood going to a 100% white high school.  She would fall in love with a white man whose parents were..... way to clean it up...racists.  The hoped for wedding was not to be nor any other relationship.   That event, completely unprepared for from her life experiences, in no small measure her high school, a wonderful place where she knew only people who never, ever showed any prejudice of any kind, left her devastated!  Does anyone remember our American Problems class and the "orange people" experiment.  That shocked her just like it did the rest of us.  My family attended her funeral, and since then My family and I have been unable to find her twin.  Last known to be in California, and not doing well.   If anyone can find him, please let me know!  

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