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Dave Britton

Dave died very early after school. He commited sucide from a shotgun blast, I believe to the head. I don't know why. He was a tough SOB to tackle in football drills. I can attest to that.     
- Steve Casey

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07/29/10 05:05 PM #1    

David Henry

Dave and I were both on the freshman football team at Palo Verde and often went to/from practice together.  Steve Casey is absolutely right when he says Dave was a tough guy to tackle...very strong and fast.  I wasn't aware that Dave took his life shortly after high school...very sad to wonder why.  My memories of Dave are good ones about growing up and becoming young men, building strength and toughness.


Dave Henry

08/09/10 05:20 AM #2    

Mark A. Machen (Machen)

Yes, I remember Dave. He was a tormented soul. He became lost to himself early in his senior year. What it was I do not know. I do remember that he would come to visit me while I worked at Sprouse Rietz. We would speak little of important things, only of parties and of him getting high. He never spoke of his troubles. If only he could have, maybe that would have made a difference. May he rest in peace.

Mark M.

11/24/10 02:22 PM #3    

Sam Young

I remember David from the Rolling Hills community pool. He may have been on the swim team the summer of 1969 though I'm not sure. We had a lot of fun around the pool. In the times I knew him he was a mischievous guy who enjoyed life, liked pranks, and had a big smile. He lived just few houses down from Mike Tansey. I went to David's house a few times over the few years that I knew him. Once he showed me his father's Purple Heart which he'd been awarded in WWII. His dad was a pretty rough & tumble personality. I'm not sure how well they may have gotten along. I remember seeing he and his girlfriend at Sahuaro often walking the halls arm-in-arm. They seemed to be each others only friends in the world. I dunno... My last memory of David: He was with her in one of the halls (arms around each other's waist) by an exit door and he asked me if I wanted to buy two tickets to go see "Poh-Koh"... the band Poco. His word pronunciation had changed in the years since we'd last hung out. He said they were "not able to go to the concert." I said I wasn't going. They both just walked off together. I was sad to hear he'd died that way.

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