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Robert Smith



Thank you Debbie (Lenhart) Shoemaker for the pictures.  They are on display at the Tucson Community Center. 

Carrie (Smith) Abney (class of 72) contacted the website with the information about her brother's passing.  After back surgery, he passed away on October 8, 2012.  

She asked me to add that if anyone would like information about Bobby's life and music to please email her at ; she has much to share. 

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08/16/16 08:54 PM #1    

Robert W. Duddleston

I met bob in 4th grade at Steel School in Sherwood village. He was competitive and the School marble champ. This distintion was to be respected. Many students were passed from class to class as the population of the area grew. Most of us 52,s experienced this. Our sixth grade was no exception. Two weeks into the School year Mr. Garren the Principal came into our class whispered some words to our teacher and thowing his hands in the air said "ITS OUT OF MY HANDS ! " and ran out of the classroom. Being the fourth time I had been through this routine I knew exactly what had transpired. We watched our freinds clean out their desks and move down the hall to thieir new class. My freinds including Bob, Making up this new class had it made as the teacher would put an assignment on the board and go to the teachers lounge. For me this would have been Utopia. I stayed in my class, These kids did very well in Junior High and beyond. Butt what about Bob? Bobs guitar playing became more prevalent when he guessed on "Country Music Store" in 65. Bob was a serioius musicion and worked at it though talant shows until his band made a recording in 66. After that he went though the riggors of the business. We watched as the Fenders were billed as the "Band with good music without the long hair."  I saw Bob at the Circle K in 71 he said he was taking some classes but getting home at 2am was killing him. I guess he made a decision and hit the road. I did see his band on Channel 9 "Chiller"in 73. I will Miss Bob God Bless Him. bob                     

08/17/16 07:33 PM #2    

George Simons

Anyone remember the "Up With People" show the music department put on? I was not in any music classes, but they needed an electric bass player for the show and someone knew I played bass, and more importantly, could read music, so I was asked to play with them. Bob was their guitarist. I knew him in passing and knew he played guitar, but while rehearsing the numbers for the show I found out what an amazing guitarist he was. Technically, he was smooth and precise, and his playing was as good as any older professional musician....And this was high school! He helped me a lot in preparing for that show, as I was not used to reading music in the bass clef (I had played coronet in elementary school and junior high) and had never played with a group while reading from sheet music. Thanks for getting me through that, Bob. Keep on playing, wherever you are.

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