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Catherine Hall (Classon)

Deceased Classmate: Catherine Hall
Date Of Birth: 11-17-52
Date Deceased: 9-7-2008
Age at Death: 56
Cause of Death:
Classmate City: Tucson
Classmate State: AZ
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: Cathy is survived by her mother, Janet Hall; sister, Lynn (Rand) Tavel; brother, Jace (Chris) Hall; nephews, Adriel and Zachary Tavel; aunt, Katherine and cousins.

I was going to make a run to Tucson to see an old buddy and after hearing from him that a person I had liked very much from high school days had passed, felt compelled to look up some people from my old neighborhood while I was in town. In my search for these people discovered that Cathy was gone. We used to be on the same neighborhood swim team and I had one of those little boy secret crushes on her. For me she was a essence of beauty and allure, which resulted in reducing an already insecure little boy to an obnoxious mess whenever in her presence. I am indescribably saddened that she did not find the love of her life and experience children and then grand children. She will forever occupy a part of my heart and memory.

--Mark Henrikson

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08/15/10 03:39 PM #1    

Denise M. Gannon

I am very sad to find out that Sister, (thats what I called Cathy) died. We became friends in first grade. I remember sleepovers, hanging out at the drug store and toilet papering friends houses. The last time I saw Sister, was a few years after graduation, at a party at her house. Then we lost touch. Her sister Lynn, was in the car with my sister Stephanie, when the accident happened that took my sisters life. 

Sister was the first friend I ever had, the best friend I ever had. I hope she has found her peace.

08/17/10 10:36 PM #2    

Debbie Lenhart (Shoemaker)

Cathy, Marcy Boas, Pam Mason, and I had been close friends since the third grade.  We all grew up together and experienced all the little ups and downs of maturing young "ladies".  As life would have it, we all went our separate ways for many years. 

After many attempts to reach Cathy;  Marcy, Pam, and I were able to catch up with her around two years ago.  It was a warm afternoon.  We met in her mothers back yard, drank lemonade, and proceeded to catch up.  It was a special moment.  We talked about the good times and laughed at all our zaney antics.  Cathy was still "Sister".  She still had that dry, quick wit.  I was pleased to see that she seemed at peace with herself.   Two weeks later, we lost her again when she passed away.  I am so thankful that we were given one more time to embrace the childhood that we spent together and to see our special friend.

09/06/10 11:04 PM #3    

Carl E. Lopez

Cathy was always wonderful to me.  I remember a time eating by myself at one of those outdoor tables at Fickett (I often ate by myself for who knows what reason) and Cathy sat next to me and asked me dozens of questions just to be friendly.  I never forgot that.  What a delightful person.

09/12/10 12:19 PM #4    

Sandi Mckee (Brestel)

I worked with Cathy for a couple of years in the late 90's, she was quick witted and smart so I was drawn to her. Cathy regonized me first and knew alot about me and the friends I hung with in school. Cathy was a good worker fun and seemed to take life as it came. Unfortunately she was in an abusive relationship at the time we talked alot and it was sad. I left that job and we tried to keep in touch but it soon faded. I am very sad to learn of her passing I didnt know until now. I will miss her.

09/07/12 10:18 AM #5    

Susan Bennett

Cathy I sure miss you ALOT !!!  I will never forget the nights we stayed up playing cards

we sure had a fun time, not just then but with everything you and i did together and that was ALOT!!!  Our spirits will

soon be together in Heaven and I cant wait to play cards with you again. i love you ALOT!!! Susan Bennett

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